Text Box: 7.62 acres MOL
I2 Zoning (Industrial)

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Wilmington I2 Zoning Acceptable Uses

Burial Monument Sales

Electric Supply Store

Plumbing Supply Store

Equipment Rental Store

Equipment (Heavy) Sale Store

Carpet and rug cleaning

Contractor’s Shop

Truck & RV sales & rental

Auto Body Shop

Auto Repair Shop

Gas Station

Furnace Supply & Service


Apparel Manufacturing

Bakery – Retail & Wholesale production

Bottling and distributing beverages

Costume Jewelry Manufacturing (non-precious metals)

Dairy Products Manufacturing

Electronic Components and Accessories Manufacturing

Fuel and Fuel Oil Dealer

Furniture, Cabinetry & Fixtures Manufacturing

Household Appliances Manufacturing

Hydraulic Equipment  Fabricating & Assembly

Instruments & lab equipment manufacturing

Research Laboratory


Medical or Dental Laboratory

Metal Fabrication

Measuring and Controlling Instrument Manufacturing

Musical Instrument Manufacturing

Office Machine Manufacturing

Optical Instruments & Lens Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical processing Manufacturing

Photographic Equipment & Supplies Manufacturing

Plastic Products, Injection Molding Manufacturing

Printing & Publishing Manufacturing

Blueprinting & Xerography Manufacturing

Rubber products & fabrication

Testing Facility (indoor)

Tool and Die Works

Toys and Amusement Manufacturing


Self Storage Facility

Watch & Clock Manufacturing

Wood Container Manufacturing

Fleet Vehicle Dispatch

Parcel Delivery Service

Radio & Television Equipment

Government Office

Greenhouse Nursery

Temporary Use Structures

With Special Use Permit

Heavy Equipment Sales & Rentals

Home Improvement Center

Lumber Yard

Contractor’s Yard

Auto Salvage


Canned Fruits & Preserves Manufacturing

Cut Stone & Stone Products

Jewelry (plated) Manufacturing

Leather and Vinyl products Manufacturing (non-tanning)

Paper Products from Cardboard Manufacturing

Office & Artist Materials Manufacturing

Perfumes & Cosmetics Manufacturing

Pottery & Related Products Manufacturing

Signs and Advertising fabrication

Testing Facility (outdoor)

Recycling Plant

Ambulance Service

Commercial Microwave Antenna Towers

Museums & Special Purpose Establishments

Indoor Commercial Recreation

Athletic Instruction Facility

Sport Club

Golf Driving Range

Nursery & Pre-School

Police/Fire Station


Day Care Center

Planned Development

Unique Use